Collocations with: a lack of

Collocations with: a lack of

A lack of

lack of practice

I’ve lost some of my skiing skills through lack of practice. I haven’t skied for the last two winters.

lack of facility

We complained to the local authority about the lack of recycling facilities in the town.

lack of sleep

The lack of sleep finally caught up with me, and I began to doze off in the meeting.

lack of understanding

His comments showed a complete lack of understanding of the problem.

lack of progress

The President expressed his disappointment at the lack of progress in the peace talks.

lack of experience

Lack of experience will generally count against you in a job interview.

lack of investment

A lack of investment over the years has led to a general decline in public transport.

lack of self-confidence

Her lack of self-confidence makes her feel awkward and uncomfortable in social situations.

lack of exercise

A lack of regular exercise increases the risk of heart disease.

lack of enthusiasm

Naturally, his parents are concerned at his lack of enthusiasm for school.

lack of respect

He shows a lack of respect for authority and is always getting into trouble.

lack of privacy

Lots of film stars complain about the lack of privacy in their lives, but there’s nothing they like better than publicity.

lack of interest

The concert has been cancelled owing to a lack of interest from the public.

lack of people

When we appealed for volunteers to help clean up the beach, there was no lack of people who came forward to offer their time.

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