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Our Programmes

Our programmes


Writing Correction Service

In this service, Kevin A Dean corrects your mistakes, suggests alternative phrasings, checks your vocabulary, and makes recommendations for an appropriate structure for your work.

Good for busy students

Less expensive than a premium lesson


Online Classes

You can join our online sessions to improve your IELTS skills, especially speaking and writing.

Get familiar with all sections of the IELTS test

Get a deep understanding of IELTS assessment


Speaking Test

In this session, you will be asked IELTS real speaking questions and then your speaking will be scored and analysed by the examiner.

Get familiar with IELTS speaking strategies

Get the feedback you need to hit Band 7+


IELTS Self-study Materials

f you want to self study and prepare for the IELTS test, then you might also be interested in iELTS9PRO's self study materials.

Learn how to structure your writings

Access than 100 IELTS writings


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To learn the necessary strategies to achieve a higher score

To get familiar with different IELTS Writing tasks and topics

To learn how to improve your paraphrasing ability

To avoid spending your money on several IELTS tests

To expand your English knowledge


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