Collocations with: a feature of

Collocations with: a feature of

A feature of

feature of landscape

High mountains and deep valleys are natural features of the Afghan landscape.

feature of life

High stress levels are a feature of like for people working in the stock market.

feature of elections

In recent years, television debates between party leaders have become a regular feature of general elections.

feature of building

The dominant feature of the old building was its huge wooden door.

striking feature of

The old castle is the most striking feature of the city – it’s the sight most tourists will take away with them.

safety feature of

Electric window and central locking are standard features on most cars these days. Among other safety features of this car are anti-lock brakes and passenger airbags.

key feature of

Remember that teamwork is the key feature of a successful organization.

redeeming feature of

The one redeeming feature of the plan is its low cost. If it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t be going ahead.

familiar feature of

Windmills are a familiar feature of the Dutch landscape.

special feature of

A special feature of this year’s Book Festival is the appearance of the world-famous children’s writer and former EFL teacher, J K Rowling.


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