Collocations with: an amount of

Collocations with: an amount of

An amount of

When the temperature reached 40, we were sweating profusely. We drank huge amount of water to replace lost fluids.

Sorry, I can’t make the party tonight. I’ve got an enormous / a massive amount of work to do.

A huge amount of information can be stored on a computer’s hard disk.

Mary spends an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom in the morning.

The new house needs a substantial amount of work done to it before we can think about moving into it.

We get through an unbelievable amount of food each week. We’ll need to cut down. We simply can’t afford it.

Their wedding cost an incredible amount of money. No expense was spared.

The students above me were making a tremendous amount of noise last night.

Excessive amounts of alcohol can damage your liver.

The average amount of pocket money which teenager get is around 15$ per week.

It’s a big car with a generous amount of space in the back.

Land mines are designed to cause the maximum amount of harm to anybody who stands on them.

The total amount of money raised so far for the charity is approaching one million pounds.

We only have a limited amount of time to complete this task – we can’t continue indefinitely. So let’s get a move on!

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