Collocations with: an act of

Collocations with: an act of

An act of

act of mercy

The hijackers released two elderly hostages as an act of mercy. Both had serious heart conditions and needed urgent medical attention.

act of generosity

The gift of his whole are collection to the nation was an act of incredible generosity.

act of revenge

Police believe that the murder of two policemen last night was an act of revenge for the shooting of two gangsters in the recent bank robbery.

act of terrorism

The attacks of September 11th were the worst acts of terrorism ever committed on American soil.

act of treason

Colonel Briggs was found guilty of selling information to the enemy. The punishment for execution by firing squad.

act of faith

I’m not sure that your project has much chance of succeeding, but as an act of faith I will lend you the money you require to get started.

act of desperation

In order to escape from the hunters, the tiger leapt from a 100-metre cliff into the river below. It was an act of sheer desperation.

act of God

We’re insured against things like fire, burglary, earthquakes or what insurance companies call an act of God!


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