state collocations

state collocations


fit state

I’ll drive. You’re in no fit state!

mental state

Some people believe that an analysis of your dreams can reveal details of your mental state.

untidy state

They complained about the untidy state that the flat had been left in.

financial state

The company is in a dangerous financial state. We are on the point of bankruptcy.

real state

By the time she arrived for her interview, she had worked herself up into a real state. I’ve never seen her so nervous before.

original state

The expert believe that they will be able to restore the painting to its original state.

sorry state

The dog was in a very sorry state when we found it – cold and thin abandoned.

advanced state

I’ve looked at your roof and I’m sorry to tell you that the wood is in an advanced state of decay. You need a new roof.

poor state of repair

The house was in a very poor state of repair when we bought it.

sad state of affairs

It’s a sad state of affairs when two adults argue over who gets to sit beside the chairman!

state of emergency

After the disaster the government declared a state of emergency.

state of health

Regular exercise can make a big difference to your state of health.

high state of alert

Security forces are on a high state of alert because of the terrorist threat.

state of total chaos

Ever since our secretary left, the office has been in a state of total chaos.

state of decline

Since the civil war the economy has been in a state of decline.

state of the economy

Economists are painting a grim picture of the current state of economy.

state of shock

After the accident the driver just sat in the car, unable to speak. He was in a state of shock.

state of panic

The news of the outbreak of war threw investors into a state of panic. Many tried frantically to sell their shares.

state of fear

We lived for years in a perpetual state of fear in Sarajevo. You could be shot by a sniper at any time.

state of nervous exhaustion

She was in a state of nervous exhaustion, so her doctor signed her off work and told her to take a complete rest for a month.



  • Note how we describe a very bad state:

We were shocked at the appalling state of the hospital.

Inspectors condemned the shocking state of the prison.

The engine is in good condition, but the bodywork is in a terrible state and needs some attention.

The kitchen was in a disgusting state when they left.

The rail system is in a bit of a sorry state at the moment.

  • If something is in a ‘state of flux’, it is constantly changing.
  • ’State’ also means country:

In 1947 India became an independent state.

The United State is made up of ‘states’.

  • The ‘welfare state’ is the system which provides health care, unemployment benefit, old age pensions etc.

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