standard collocations

standard collocations


maintain standard

Our job is not just to maintain standards – our job is to make sure they improve!

reach standard

He failed to reach the required standard, and did not qualify for the race.

raise standard

Do you think that reducing class sizes would raise standards in our primary schools?

set standard

It’s hard for others to come up to the standards our head of department sets for herself.

fall standard

The standard of service has fallen steadily since the company was taken over a year age. It’s now so bad, something will have to be done.

enjoy standard

Today most people in this country enjoy a standard of living which their parents could only dream about.

high standard

My boss demands extremely high standards from the people that work for him. In fact, some people think he is unrealistic.

usual standard

I was disappointed when I took some friends to my favorite restaurant and neither the food nor the service were up to the usual standard.

same standard

Not everyone judge success by the same standards. Unlike you, I think that happiness is more important than the size of your car.

falling standard

Parents are always complaining about falling standards in school.

minimum standard

A number of Britain’s beaches fail to meet the minimum standards laid down by the EU.

approved standard

This special mark shows that the product conforms to an approved industry standard.

low standard

We decided that it would be our first and last trip to the island. The hotels and restaurant were all of a very low standard.

modern standard

By modern standards, the plumbing in our hotel was totally inadequate!

standard of care

Some countries simply don’t provide proper standards of care for the elderly.

standard of hygiene

Inspectors criticized the kitchen staff for poor standards of hygiene.

standard of workmanship

I had my windows replaced, but I’m not very pleased with the standard of workmanship.

standard of living

There’s been a progressive increase in the standard of living over the last five years. People are now much better off.

standard of behavior

The school insists on strict standards of behavior on school trips.

standard of singing

Although it was an amateur production, the standard of singing was excellent.


The work has been done to a professional standard.

Students will be sent home if their behavior falls below an acceptable standard.

The first computers were very slow by today’s standards.

Universities deny that there has been a decline in academic standards.

The report is highly critical of safety standards at the factory.

The teacher said that my essay was not up to standard and that I would have to do it again. 



  • In ‘By modern standards, the plumbing in our hotel was totally inadequate!’, you can also say ‘by today’s standards’:

By today’s standards, Shakespeare was a rich man.

  • Note the use of safety standards and moral standards:

The airline’s maintenance programme did not confirm to the high safety standards set by the industry.

The Minister did not live up to the high moral standards expected of him.

  • If someone has ‘double standards’, they are guilty of condemning something, while doing it themselves.

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