place collocations

place collocations


find place

Sorry, we’re late. It took us ages to find a parking place.

look for place

I’m fed up living with my parents, so I’m looking for a place of my own.

mark place

It’s quite common for people to mark their place in a book they’re reading by turning down the corner of a page.

save place

Come and sit here beside us. We’ve saved a place for you.

earn place

If you want to earn a place in this team, you’ll have to prove you’re worth it!

change place

Would you like to change places with me so that you can sit beside your husband?

hold place

Ataturk holds a very important place in the minds of all Turks.

take place

Last-minute talks are taking place in an attempt to avert a strike by workers on the underground.


Please state your place (country, town etc) of birth.

Let’s take our places (seats) round the table.

It’s not my place (role) to remind you of your duty.

I’ve just heard I’ve got a place (opportunity to study) at Oxford.

We had lunch at a very nice place (restaurant) in the centre.

Van Nistelroy has lost his place (position as part of a team) in the team.


come round to place

I’ll come round to your place about nine of that’s OK with you.

get the feel of the place

We were only in Bristol for one night, so we didn’t really get the feel of the place.

get out of place

Let’s get out of this place! The food and the music are awful.

turn the place into

Those chairs blocking the fire exits could easily turn this place into a death trap.

right place

I was very lucky to get this job. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

conceivable place

I’ve looked in every conceivable place for my wallet, but I can’t find it anywhere.

safe place

Remember to put your passport in a safe place.

quiet place

This is a very quiet place during the winter months, but the place is really busy in July.

public place

The organization ASH have mounted a campaign to ban smoking in all public places.

unlikely place

You find things in the most unlikely places. For example, I found my shoe in the fridge the other day. It must have been my two-year-old!

decent place

Is there a decent place to eat round here?

uninviting place

The hotel was cold, empty and damp. It was a most uninviting place!

place of interest

Stonehenge is a place of great historical interest.

place of worship

A place of worship is a building used for religious services, such as a church, temple or mosque.

place of birth

Migrating birds return every year to their place of birth to lay their eggs.

place of safety

The hostel for battered wives offers a place of safety and refuge for women who are assaulted by men.

place of work

In an emergency the hospital may need to contract you at your place of work.



  • Note the following expressions:

Ely is a great place for a day out.

This is no place to bring up children.

There was rubbish all over the place.

  • A way of talking about your home is ‘my place’:

Shall we go back to your place or mine?

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