person collocations

person collocations


single person

When my car broke down on the motorway, not a single person stopped and offered to help me.

only person

My best friend is about the only person that I can trust my secrets to.

each person

Allow about 200gms of rice for each person.

one person

Democratic systems are based on the principle of one person, one vote.

first person

The first person to give the correct answer wins the competition.

last person

I wouldn’t go out with Damien if he were the last person on earth.


Federico’s a very private person. He keeps himself to himself.

Tom strikes me as a very humble person. He never talks about his achievements.

Bill’s a very insecure person. He’s got a lot of hang-ups and low self-esteem.

Angie seems to be a responsible person. I think we can reply on her to finish the job.

Liz is the wrong person to talk to. She can’t keep a secret for more than a minute.

Harry’s not a very organized person. He always arrives late for meetings.

Simon’s a lively, talkative person. You’ll enjoy his company.

Jo will be remembered as a caring, thoughtful person. He was always doing things for other people.


right person

After a difficult few months, there seems to be general agreement that Melanie is the right person for the job.

average person

It is a fact that the average person in the street is much better-off today than they were twenty years age.

easy, difficult person

The new finance director is not an easy person to deal with, is she?

No, I’m finding her fairly difficult, too.

guilty person

The police are sifting through the evidence in an effort to find the guilty  person.

stupid person

What stupid person left the oven an all night! We could all have burnt to death!

poor person

What a state the room was in at the end of the party. I pity the poor person who had to clean the mess up.

reasonable person

Any reasonable, right-minded person can see that this decision is not fair.


A morning person, someone who is at their best before lunch.

A displaced person, somebody who has been forced to leave their own country and has not found asylum in another country.

A missing person, somebody who has disappeared.

An outdoor person, somebody who likes walking, climbing etc.

A people person, somebody who gets on well with almost anybody.



  • Note this useful way of talking about someone:

He’s the type of person who always offers to help.

  • Note these expressions:

It gave me a big thrill to meet Sting in person after the concert.

Can I speak to the person in charge, please?

Police think they have found the person responsible for the attack.

Reactions to the treatment vary from person to person.

Rooms cost from 20$ per person.

Customs officers found drugs concealed about his person.

  • This is a common question:

What’s Linda like as a person?

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