offer collocations

offer collocations


Turn down offer

Marie must be mad! She’s declined an offer of an all-expenses-paid weekend in Prague!

>yes, she turned down a similar offer last year. I’d never refuse an offer like that!

accept offer

It was well after midnight. Andrew suggested that I stay the night at his place and I accepted the offer. I wouldn’t usually do that, but he’s got two spare rooms.

withdraw offer

The company have offered us a 5% salary increase. However, if we don’t agree within seven days, the offer will be withdrawn.

make / put in offer

They were asking 100,000$ for the house and we made / put in an offer of 110,000$, but we didn’t get it. Somebody else out in an offer of 150,000$!

make / put in offer

If I were you, I’d made / put in an offer which was about 5% more than the asking price.

up offer

I think if you’re going to have any chance of getting this flat, you’re going to have to upped your offer by at least 2000$, to 122,000$.

special offer

We’ve just been down to Tesco’s. Melons are on special offer. Buy two, get one free. I’m usually suspicious of offer like that, but they’re delicious!

tempting offer

A week with Will and Sue at their Spanish villa sounds great.

>yes, it IS a very tempting offer, but, much as I like Will, I couldn’t take Sue for a whole week!

final offer

I’m sorry, but 250$ in my final offer. You can take it or leave it.

kind offer

If you like, I can do your shopping for you.

>That’s a very kind offer. Are you sure?

better offer

I think the Germans expected us to jump at the offer they made for our business, but we decided to hold out for a better offer.

offer of help

When our house was flooded, we received several offers of help from friends to clean it up.

offer of support

We’ve received many offers of support since we started our campaign to outlaw handguns.

offer of work

You need to get a job some time, you know! You can’t turn down offers of work just like that.

offer of lift

I can’t get a taxi, so could I take you up on your offer of a lift to the airport?

offer of marriage

My aunt was very beautiful when she was younger. Everyone says she turned down lots of offers of marriage.


The local college has a wide range of vocational courses on offer. I’m sure you’ll find one that meets your needs.

Feel free to stay at our place whenever you’re in town. >Thanks. I might take you up on that offer someday.

The asking price is 300$, but I’m open to offer.

Although I was perfectly happy with my previous job with Xenop, I moved to Easycopy because they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.




  • If something is ‘on offer’. It can mean it is available:

The new flats will be on offer as from 1st March.

Or it can mean ‘available at a reduced price’:

Beans are on special offer this week.

  • We talk about job offers:

I’ve been to several interviews, but I haven’t had any job offers yet.



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