occasion collocations

occasion collocations


dress occasion

Remember it’s a wedding that you’re going to. Make sure you dress for the occasion. Have you got a dark suit? 

celebrate occasion

My husband is fifty next week. We’re having a big party to celebrate the occasion.

use occasion

The Prime Minister opened a new school in London and he used the occasion to announce the government’s intention to spend more money on primary schools.

forget occasion

They seem a very nice couple, don’t they? I’ll never forget the occasion when they screamed and shouted at each other in public.

special occasion

As my parents’ golden wedding was an extra-special occasion, we let off a lot of fireworks.

suitable occasion

Ok! I’ll speak to him about his behavior – but only if a suitable occasion arises.

serious occasion

We listened to his speech and tried not to laugh – a funeral is meant to be a solemn and serious occasion.

previous occasion

Yes, I know Hans. We’ve met on two previous occasions, once in Hamburg, the other time in London.

memorable occasion

I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone when I say that this has been both an enjoyable and a truly memorable occasion. It’s certainly one that I will never forget.

festive occasion

The Millennium was a very festive occasion. People were singing and clapping the streets.

this occasion

You usually beat Dave easily. How did he get the better of you on this occasion?

one occasion

My mother is now over 80 and can be very demanding. On one occasion, she called me in the middle of the night asking me to come round to her house to make her a cup of tea!

more occasion

Smith has been late now on more than one occasion. I think we’re going to have to speak to him.

particular occasion

Jane and I talk about lots of things, but I just can’t remember what we were discussing on that particular occasion.

number occasion

His work has been unsatisfactory now on a number of occasions. If it happens again, we’ll have no choice but to dismiss him.

odd occasion

I don’t really smoke. I just have a cigar on the very odd occasion.

sense of occasion

The music, the flowers and the crowds gave the event a real feeling of importance. They gave the wedding a real sense of occasion.

spirit of the occasion

I know she doesn’t really like party games, but she decided to join in and she seemed to enjoy herself. She certainly entered into the spirit of the occasion.

keeping with the occasion

His behavior during the awards ceremony was rude and inappropriate. It was definitely not in keeping with the occasion.

sparkle to the occasion

The room was full of men in grey suits, but the presence of the Prime Minister’s wife in a beautiful green silk dress added a much needed sparkle to the occasion.



  • Note these expressions:

The team must rise to the occasion and win the cup.

I’ve suggested that on numerous occasions.

If the occasion arises, I’ll ask for his autograph.

I went out and bought a new dress just for the occasion.

  • ‘on occasion’ means not often:

On occasion I have a cigar after a meal.

  • If something is ‘an occasion’, it means it is special in some way:

Everybody was there. It was quite an occasion.


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