Travel collocations

Travel collocations


follow the road

Follow the main road till you come to a cinema. Then turn right.

cross the road

It's easier to cross the road here - at the lights.

dig up the road

Some road workers are digging up the road outside my house, so I can't get my car back into the garage.

block the road

Thousands of people were late for work today when angry farmers blocked the roads into the city with their tractors.

build roads

I think the only way to solve the traffic problems in this country is for the government to build more roads.

the wrong road

We took the wrong road and lost our way. We eventually had to ask a policeman for directions.

a busy road

The road into town is very busy on weekdays, but quite quiet at the weekends.

a clear road

Let's wait until the roads are clear, then we'll leave. I hate driving in heavy traffic.

a narrow road

Some of the country roads were very narrow. Sometimes, there was only enough room for one car.

an icy road

The roads are icy this morning, so take care when you are driving to work.

the main road

When we reached the City we left the main road and turned into a side road, hoping to find somewhere to park.

road safety

We had lessons in road safety when we were at primary school.

a road sign

There were no road signs at the junction, so I didn't know which turn to take.

a road accident

Speeding is the main cause of road accidents.


The journey takes about six hours by road, or one hour by air.

I parked the car at the side of the road, outside the bank.

I stopped because a cow was standing in the middle of the road.

My friend Ashti lives about 100 meters down the road from me in an old cottage.

I think there are too many cars on the roads these days.

The old woman was walking across the road when she was knocked down.

The cinema is just off the main road. You can't miss it.


the journey takes (an hour)

My journey to school takes from 40 minutes to an hour, depending on the traffic.

make a journey

Why do so many car drivers make the journey to work alone?

complete your journey

Our train broke down and we had to complete the journey by coach.

set off on a journey

Harry set off on his journey across Asia about a month ago, but nobody has heard from him yet.

break your journey

It's always a good idea to break a long car journey. It reduces the risk of having an accident.

a safe journey

Have a safe journey. We hope to see you again soon.

a short journey

Our house is only a short journey from the airport. It's only a five-minute drive away.

the return journey

You'd better save some money for the return journey.

a tiring journey

The journey home was very tiring. The roads were so busy I had to concentrate all the time.

a long journey

It's quite a long journey. It takes about 12 hours by bus or 9 by train.

an uneventful journey

We arrived in Oslo after an uneventful journey - no delays. no problems whatsoever.

an awful journey

We had an awful journey. First, there was heavy rain and then the car broke down.


Note these common expressions:

  • How was the journey home?
  • We're still in touch with friends we made on the journey back from Stockholm.
  • The journey to work in the rush·hour is a nightmare.
  • The last stage/ leg of the journey was by helicopter.

Note the expression 'journey time ':

  •  Bad weather could add another hour to your journey time.
  • These new trains are much faster. They are going to cut an hour off the journey time.



drivers speed

Drivers who are caught speeding will receive a heavy fine.

drivers turn (left)

The driver turned right without indicating.

drivers are killed

The driver of the bus was killed outright in the accident.

drivers lose control

The driver lost control of the vehicle on the ley road and crashed into a bus shelter.

a good/safe driver

It is a myth that men are better drivers than women.

a drunk driver

Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone.

an injured driver

Firefighters helped free the injured driver from the wreckage of the truck.

a learner driver

I'm still a learner driver. I haven't passed my test yet.


We talk about cars, buses, taxis, trucks, and train drivers.

  • A backseat driver is an annoying person who is always telling the driver what to do.
  • A hit-and-run driver is one who causes an accident, then drives away.

Note these expressions with 'driving ':

  • He was charged with causing death by dangerous driving.
  • He was found guilty of reckless driving and disqualified from driving for 6 months.
  • He was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.



lose your licence

He was caught drunk driving and has lost his driving licence for two years.

hold a licence

All applicants for the job must hold a driving licence.

licences are endorsed

She was fined £300 for speeding. and her licence was endorsed.

see your licence

I was pulled over by a patrol car and a police officer asked to see my licence.


Note the following expression:

  • I've got a clean driving licence. (I have committed no driving offences.)

In the UK you receive three penalty points on your licence if you are caught speeding. When you have 12 penalty points. you lose your licence.


rob tourists

A number of tourists have been robbed recently. Don't carry cash around with you.

tourists visit (a country)

The number of American tourists who visit Europe has decreased since 2001.

scare away tourists

The recent bomb attacks on hotels have scared away tourists.

tourists arrive

Millions of British tourists arrive in Spain every July and August.

attract tourists

Tourists are attracted to the islands by the great beaches and fantastic weather.

the tourist industry

This course prepares students for jobs in the tourist industry.

a tourist office

You'll get leaflets about places to visit from the tourist office.

a tourist attraction

The city map shows all the major tourist attractions.

a (popular) tourist destination

Disneyland is one of the world's top tourist destinations.

a tourist visa

To go on holiday to China, I had to get a tourist visa.

the tourist season

The town's pretty quiet in winter when the tourist season is over.


Note this way of talking about a lot of tourists:

  • Every summer the town is invaded by tourists.

Note these expressions:

  • This hotel is very popular with tourists.
  • Many tourists are worried they'll get ripped off. (pay far too much for something)



a (five-day) tour

Last year I went on an eight-day walking tour in the French Alps.

a coach tour

I never go on coach tours. I always feel sick on buses.

a guided tour

We went on a guided tour of Rome on an open-top bus.

a package tour

Package tours are still the cheapest way of visiting a country.


Note the expression:

  • I work as a tour guide during my holidays from university.



lose a ticket

 I lost my ticket and they wouldn't let me on the plane.

sell a ticket

The organizers have already sold 25,000 tickets for next month's exhibition.

buy a ticket

In my country, you need to buy a ticket from a machine or a shop before you get on the bus. The driver can't issue you with a ticket - he only drives the bus.

a parking ticket

I left my car on double yellow lines and got another parking ticket!

a plane ticket

The first prize was a plane ticket - a return flight to New York.

a lottery ticket

I always buy a lottery ticket at the weekend. I still dream of winning millions one day.

a season ticket

If you go to a lot of football matches, you'll save money if you buy a season ticket.


We talk about air, rail, plane, and bus tickets; cinema, theatre, and concert tickets.


join a queue

If you want tickets for the ferry, you'll have to join the queue at the ticket office.

stand in a queue

I was standing in the bus queue when two boys pushed in front of me.

the queue stretched for (half a mile)

The queue at the bus stop stretched down the road and round the corner.

be in a queue

Excuse me, Are you in the queue?

jump the queue

Just because you have to get home quickly doesn't mean you can jump the queue - so get to the back of the queue and wait in line like everyone else!


reserve a seat

The 8 o'clock is a very busy train, so it's a good idea to reserve a seat.

save someone a seat

Save me a seat if you get there before me.

the seat is taken

Excuse me, Is this seat free or has it been taken?

give up your seat

I gave up my seat on the bus to a pregnant woman.

leave your seat

Please do not leave your seat until the plane has come to a complete standstill and the seatbelt sign has been switched off.

an empty seat

There were no empty seats left in the hall when I arrived. There was standing room only.

a back seat

I always feel sick in the back seat of a car. That's why I prefer to sit in the passenger seat.

an aisle seat

On a plane, I prefer an aisle seat to a window seat. It's easier to get in and out.

a good seat

We arrived early at the concert to be sure of getting a good seat.

a(n) (un)comfortable seat

They were the most uncomfortable seats I've ever sat in. They were incredibly small and very hard.

a reclining seat

We traveled by luxury coach with reclining seats. You could lie back and sleep quite comfortably.

show someone to their seat

A member of the cabin crew showed us to our seats.

climb into your seat

He climbed into the driver's seat and drove off.

someone is in your seat

My ticket says 27G, but there's already someone in that seat.

hold onto the seat

I had to hold onto my seat as the bus went around the corner.


If you ask someone to take a seat, you are asking them politely to sit down:

  • Please take a seat, Mr. Smith will be with you in a few minutes.

Note the expression:

  • Make sure your seat is in the upright position (or landing. (on a plane)

Note these expressions with 'seatbelt':

  • Remember to wear your seatbelt in the car.
  • Please fasten your seatbelt for take-off.
  • I hate to think what could have happened if we hadn't been wearing seatbelts.

We'll drive home once the roads are clear. I hate driving in heavy traffic.

Too many people today make the journey to work by car.

My brother's still a learner driver, but he's going to sit his test next month.

I’ve got a clean licence. I've never been fined for speeding or any other driving offence.

Turkey is a very popular tourist destination for British tourists.

The queue for tickets stretched right round the corner.

Is the seat next to you free or is it taken?

The driver lost control of the car and it hit a wall.

If your journey is a long one, make sure you break it at regular intervals.

The Tower of London is visited by nearly a million tourists every year.

I got a parking ticket for stopping on some double yellow lines.

He lost his licence after he killed a child while driving carelessly.

Make sure you look both ways before crossing the road.

I had to stand at the back of the hall. There wasn't an empty seat anywhere.

I joined a long queue of people standing outside the box office.

I think the best way to see a City is to go on a guided tour.

There are too many cars on the roads nowadays.

Many tourists are attracted to the city by its beautiful buildings.

Could you keep my place in the queue while J go to the toilet?

When are you setting off on your journey round the world?

Call into our office and we will issue you with a replacement ticket.

He was driving so fast I had to hold onto my seat.

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