Collocations with: a waste of

Collocations with: a waste of

A waste of

waste of time

Our meeting achieved absolutely nothing. It was a complete waste of time.

waste of talent

She graduated from university with a first-class degree in music, but has been unable to get a job. What a waste of talent!

waste of effort

We spent days decorating the spare room -  then a water pipe burst and flooded it. All our work was ruined. What a waste of effort.

waste of money

Lots of people believe that the building of this statue is a scandalous waste of taxpayer’s money.

waste of human life

There is growing opposition to the war and its senseless and tragic waste of human life.

waste of resources

The report is critical of management and the department’s waste of resources.

نظر بدهید

نظرات کاربران