Collocations with: a set of

Collocations with: a set of

A set of

set of results

She got a very poor set of results in her recent examinations. I think she only managed a pass in mathematics and she failed the rest.

set of circumstances

Given the right set of circumstances, I think he has a good chance of winning.

set of guidelines

The Minister of Health issued a new set of guidelines yesterday on how doctors should treat patients who have recently returned from a country which have cases of this new flu.

set of keys

I always leave a spare set of keys for my house with a neighbor just in case I lock myself out. So far, finger crossed, I’ve never needed them!

set of rules

I don’t know what game he is playing. He seems to be using a different set of rules from the ones that I know!

set of teeth

I’ve always regretted not looking my teeth when I was young. I had my first set of false teeth when I was thirty.

set of problems

I thought my life would become easier after my divorce, but as a single mother with a young child I had a new set of problems to deal with.

set of golf clubs

When we flew to Spain, we all had our normal luggage, plus a set of golf clubs each. We were lucky we didn’t have to pay excess baggage.

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