Collocations with: a list of

Collocations with: a list of

A list of

make list of

We were burgled last night. The police have asked us to make a list of everything that’s missing.

find list of

At the back of your handout you will find a list of the books that I have referred to during the lecture.

memory list of

The English teacher made us memorise the whole list of irregular verbs. It took ages!

publish list of

Every year The Times publishes a list of the 30 richest people in the UK.

leave list of

My wife went off on holiday and left an endless list of things for me to do around the house.

cross list of

After his dreadful behavior at dinner the other night, I have crossed Time off my list of friends.

list of complaints

We didn’t enjoy our holiday one bit. We have a list of complaints as long as your arm!

list of candidates

I’ve drawn up a list of candidates that I’d like to interview. I’ve narrowed it down to five people.

list of priorities

Decorating the bathroom comes a long way down my list of priorities. There’s a lot more important things to do.

list of ingredients

The list of ingredients included 400g sugar and 300 g of butter.

list of guests

I think we’d better draw up a list of possible guests for the wedding breakfast – just so that we have an idea of the problem!

list of names

The police need a list of names of all those who witnessed the accident.

نظر بدهید

نظرات کاربران