time collocations

time collocations


take time

It can take quite a long time to get used to living in a different country.

spend time

People who spend too much time together usually end up getting on each other’s nerves.

save time

It’ll take you about half an hour to walk to the station. Get a taxi. Think of the time you’ll save!

kill / spend time

I arrived two hours early for my interview, so I killed / spent some time in the Nation Gallery and then I looked around the bookshop.

make time

You keep saying you don’t have enough time. That’s not good enough! You’ve simply got to make time!

afford time

I’d love to come out with you tonight, but I can’t afford the time. I have a report to finish for the morning.

smashing time

We had a smashing time at Sarah’s party. Everybody really enjoyed themselves.

quality time

She quit her job so that she could spend more quality time with her children.

spare time

I enjoy gardening in my spare time. As soon as I go into the garden, I forget all about work.

convenient time

I’m sorry, I seem to have called at a bad time. When would be a convenient time to call back?

rough time

She’s having a rough time at work.

>Yes, there’s talk of redundancies. And I think her boss has been giving her a difficult time.

ample time

She claims that she didn’t have enough time to prepare for the interview, but like all other candidates we feel she had ample time.

good time

Make sure you’re at the station in good time. The train won’t wait for you! It leaves at 9, so the rest of us are going to be there at 8:45.

precious time

Hurry up! You’re wasting precious time! We only have a few hours left!

waste of time

These meetings are a complete waste of time. Nothing is ever decided!

amount of time

Children seem to spend an inordinate amount of time watching TV – up to ten hours a day!

matter of time

This new strain of flu is out of control. It’s only a matter of time before it arrives here.

length of time

Standing on one leg for any length of time is quite difficult for most people.

course of time

His injures are severe but they will heal in the course of time. He just needs to be patient.

space of time

Within a very short space of time he had lost his title. He was champion for under a month.

the whole time

She kept on talking the whole time! She didn’t stop for a minute.

some time

The body had been in the water for some time which made it difficult to determine the exact time of death.

the first time

I met my friend’s parents for the first time last week.

a specific time

Could we arrange a specific time to discuss this problem? How about 10 tomorrow?

next time

I’d try a different approach next time. You might be more successful.

my usual time

Although I was on holiday I still got up at my usual time.



  • If you arrive ‘in the nick of time’, you arrive just in time.
  • Note these expressions:

There’s no hurry. We’ve got all the time in the world.

Time is running out to save the survivors.

Time’s up! Stop writing. (said in an examination)

You took your time! I’ve been waiting here for hours!

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