role collocations

role collocations


play a role in opening

President Clinton played a pivotal role in opening channels of communication between the leaders of the two countries.

play a role in educating

Television has a crucial role to play in educating young people. That’s why we need more documentaries and fewer game shows.

play a role in removing

Your kidneys play a vital role in removing waste product from your blood.

play a role in influencing

Nobody would deny that the media play a major role in influencing people’s opinions.

play a role in building up

He played a key role in building up the company into the success it is today.

play a role in campaigning for

She played a leading role in campaigning for equal opportunities for women.

dual role

He is finding his dual role as composer and conductor quite demanding.

minor role

Most of the top management positions are held by men. Women seem to play relatively minor roles in the running of the organization.

clear role

Every member of staff must have a clear role. Everybody needs to know what is expected of them.

peace-keeping role

United Nations troops are only deployed in a peace-keeping role. They do not fight wars, they try to prevent them.

active role

I think our government should be playing a more active role in promoting human rights. It needs to do more.

traditional role

Many women have abandoned their traditional role as wife and mother. For many the pursuit of a career is more important.

take on role

When my mother died when I was five, my older sister had to take on her role.

reverse role

My parents looked after me when I was young, but now the roles are reversed and I look after them.

see role

I see my role as that of a mediator, helping other people to work out their problems together.

examine role

The report examines the changing role of women in modern society.

play role

Because most parents work nowadays, grandparent role in bringing up children.

find role

In the reorganization found a role for himself.



  • Role also refers to an actor’s part in a play or film:

I auditioned for the leading role, but I ended up with only a tiny part in the film.

  • Note the following examples:

She’s acting in an advisory role.

Sports stars need to remember that they are role models for thousands of young people.

The main role of the police is to enforce the law.

Now that I’m a patient and not the doctor, it feels like role reversal!

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