reaction collocations

reaction collocations




watch reaction

I always loved to watch the reactions of my children when they opened their Christmas present. 

affect reaction

Driving after drinking even a small amount of alcohol is difficult as it affects reactions.

predict reaction

It is often difficult to predict people’s reactions to a new idea in advance.

get reaction

What sort of reaction did you get when you told them you were the new inspector?

give reaction

The President gave his reaction to the crisis in a carefully-worded press statement.

require reaction

Table tennis is a sport that requires very fast reactions.

be reaction

I understand there’s been no reaction to my letter.

vary reaction

People’s reaction to the film varied a lot. Some loved it, while others simply hated it.

favourable reaction

The proposal has received a generally favourable reaction. Most people seem to accept the need for change.

angry reaction

There has been a very angry reaction to the plans to cut benefits to single mothers.

immediate / instinctive reaction

When I heard the news of my friend’s death, my immediate / instinctive reaction was one of utter shock.

mixed reaction

There has been a mixed reaction to the new timetable. Some people like it, but others don’t.

natural reaction

Don’t worry. Everyone feels lonely when they first leave home. It’s a perfectly natural reaction.

delayed reaction

I fainted twenty minutes after leaving the doctor’s surgery. I suffered a delayed reaction to the injection the doctor had given me.

instinctive reaction

When things go wrong the instinctive reaction of most people is to look for somebody to blame.

violent reaction

As soon as he took the medicine, he had a violent reaction to it, and died within hours. It was tragic.


An allergic reaction, a negative medical reaction eg a rash.

A chain reaction, one event which sets off lots of linked reactions.

A gut reaction, an immediate and automatic reaction.

A knee-jerk reaction, an instinctive reaction.

A subconscious reaction, a reaction in yourself which you are not aware of.


Whenever there is report of some particularly brutal attack on children or old people, there is the usual knee-jerk reaction, demanding the return of the death penalty.

I don’t know what your reaction to all this malicious gossip is, but my gut reaction is to ignore it completely hope it will go away.

Drinking milk can cause an allergic reaction such as a running nose or coughing in children, while eating peanuts can trigger a very violent and even fatal reaction.

There is a danger that this local dispute could set off a chain reaction that would endanger the whole of the world.

I’m sure that all these headaches I’ve been having are just a subconscious reaction to all the stress I’ve been under recently.



  • In ‘There has been a very angry reaction to the plans to cut benefits to single mothers.’, ‘first’ and ‘initial’ are also possible.
  • Note the following:

You can imagine my reaction when I met my mother for the first time in 30 years.

A relief fund was set up in reaction to the disaster in order to help the victims and their families.

  • A ‘chemical reaction’ is a natural process that takes place between chemicals:

The energy is generated by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

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