position collocations

position collocations


take up position

Government troops have taken up defensive positions around the capital.

change position

I get cramp in one leg when I drive, so I have to keep changing position on long journeys.

occupy position

The castle occupies a commanding position at the top of a hill with unrivalled views of the surrounding countryside.

jostle position

People in the crowd jostled for the best positions to see the princess as she arrived at the theatre.

apply for position

Our sales manager is leaving, and I’m thinking of applying the position.

hold position

She has held the position of chief accountant since 1994.

strength position

This latest move is clearly intended to strengthen the president’s position as head of state.

fill position

I’m afraid it’s too late to apply. The position has already been filled.

abuse position

The Minister was sacked for abuse her position by giving jobs to her friends and cronies.

rise position

I started as a clerk, but I’ve risen to a senior position in a government office.

reconsider position

This new evidence on the vaccine has forced the medical profession to seriously reconsider its position on the use of multiple vaccines for young children.

make position

I have made my position as clear as I can. Nothing will change my mind.

take position

My parents always took the position that children need lots of love rather than strict discipline.

soften position

The authorities are still taking a hard line on asylum seekers. They show no signs of their position.

sheltered position

Don’t plant these bulbs in an exposed place where the wind can get at them. The plants will only thrive in a sheltered position.

upright position

Don’t lay the box on its side. Make sure it is kept in an upright position at all times.

enviable position

My parents are in the enviable position of having enough money to retire.

prominent position

You should display new books in a prominent position at the front of the shop where they can be easily seen.

similar position

The council put me in contract with other single mothers who are in a similar position to me.

vulnerable position

I can’t understand why they built houses in such a vulnerable position on the slopes of the volcano.

awkward position

You’ve put me in a very awkward position. Both candidates are my friends, so I really don’t want to get involved in deciding which one gets the job.



  • Note the following expression:

I’m afraid that as I have no money, I am not in a position to help you.

  • We talk about a ‘sitting, kneeling, or standing position’.
  • The question ‘What’s your position?’ can mean either what is your job or what is your stance on this issue.

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