opportunity collocations

opportunity collocations


miss opportunity

You can’t let an opportunity like a trip to Australia go by. It’s simply too good to miss.

take opportunity

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for coming.

give opportunity

This programme gives the public opportunity to make their voices heard. So get on the phone straightaway!

grab opportunity

Make sure you grab the opportunity with both hands! You won’t get another one like it for years.

come up opportunity

An opportunity as good as this comes up only once in a lifetime.

deny opportunity

I would have liked to have learnt Spanish at school, but I was denied the opportunity. Only French and German were taught.

possible opportunity

We need to make an appointment with you for further tests. Please contact this office at the earliest possible opportunity.

ample opportunity

Don’t worry. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions after the talk. The speaker intends to stay behind for about an hour.

rare opportunity

This is a rare opportunity to see all the painter’s work together in one place. There hasn’t been an opportunity like this for 20 years.

great opportunity

Look, this is the right job for you! It’s a great opportunity. Who else do you know gets the chance to work in New York for two years?

right opportunity

I’m not changing jobs at the moment. But when the right opportunity comes along, I intend to take it.

missed opportunity

You mean he came to the club and I could have got his autograph! Another missed opportunity!

golden opportunity

If you don’t invest now, you’ll miss a golden opportunity to double your money.

ideal opportunity

Club 18-25 offers an ideal opportunity for you to meet other single people on holiday.


Sue isn’t the best company to be with. She talks about her children at every possible opportunity!

Since we started a family we don’t get much opportunity to go out shopping.

If I have an opportunity, I’ll take your books back to the library for you this afternoon.

She’s just in town for the day. This may be your one and only opportunity to meet her.

The Professor left straight after his lecture, so there was no opportunity to find out why he held such weird ideas.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support.



  • In ‘An opportunity as good as this comes up only once in a lifetime.’,’arises’ is also possible.
  • Note this expression:

Make sure you make the most of this opportunity.

  • Note these ways of talking about great opportunities:

I’ll have a wonderful opportunity to practice my Italian when I’m in Rome.

From the company’s point of view, this is an excellent opportunity to expand into Europe.

We see this agreement as an exciting opportunity for both companies to work together.

  • Note these two common expressions:

All over the world women are demanding equal opportunities in the workplace.

Job opportunities for women have improved greatly.

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