moment collocations

moment collocations


have moment

Could you look through my report when you have a moment or two?

last moment

As I boarded the plane, I began to panic, but thankfully, the feeling only lasted a moment.

take moment

Don’t worry. You won’t feel a thing. This won’t take a moment.

spare moment

I’m terribly busy. I can only spare a few moments, I’m afraid. Now, what was it about?

wait moment

Could you wait a moment, please. I’ll be with you as soon as I can.

dread moment

It was now my turn to make a speech. This was the moment I had been dreading all day.

choose moment

The headmaster is in a terrible mood today. If you want to speak to him, you should choose your moment very carefully!

pause for moment

The lecturer paused for a moment and asked if there were any questions.

bad moment

Sorry, have I caught you at a bad moment? Would it better if I called back later?

proudest moment

Her finest moment came when she won a gold medal at the Olympics. She said it was the proudest moment of her life.

embarrassing moment

My most embarrassing moment was when I was out with my wife shopping and we bumped into my ex-fiancee.

dreadful moment

For one dreadful moment, we thought the climber was going to fall.

key moment

The new exhibition in the National Museum covers the key moment of Sweden’s history.

quit moment

I’ve been so busy today – I’m still waiting for a quiet moment when I can grab a sandwich.

anxious moment

There were a few anxious moments as the plane came in to land in last night’s storm.

brief moment

There was a brief moment of calm and we were able to take off.

last moment

Why do you always leave things to the last moment?

precise moment

At the precise moment Dave said ’I do’, who do you think walked into the church? Celia, his ex-wife!


I’m waiting for the right moment. To break the bad news that he’s failed.

Gaining independence was a great moment in the country’s history.

A tourist managed to capture the awful moment on film.

There’s no news, but I’ll call you the moment I hear anything.

I spent a few moments thinking about what I was going to say.

The team jumped up and down savouring their moment of victory.

I liked you from the very first moment I saw you.

I’m just going to the canteen. I’ll be back in a moment.

Why do you always leave it to the last possible moment before packing your bags?

Doctor Ferguson is busy at the moment. Can I take a message?

Would you mind looking after my bag for a moment while I buy a ticket?

Peter left the room quietly, we followed him after a few moments.



  • Note the following expressions:

At this moment in time, we don’t know the outcome.

You have to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

  • If you do something ‘on the spur of the moment’, you do it without planning:

I decided to go with them on the spur of the moment.


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