method collocations

method collocations


adopt method

In no way am I going to adopt any of these new teaching methods. I’ll stick to the tried and tested methods that I’ve always used.

work method

That method doesn’t look like it is going to work we’ll need to come up with an alternative method of doing it. Any suggestion?

use method

The methods of communication used in the eighteenth century were primitive by today’s standards.

fail method

Believe me, this method of growing tomatoes never fails. I get a bumper crop every year.

devise method

In the 1930’s scientists devise an efficient method of producing rubber from oil.

recommend method

We recommend the filter method as the best way to make coffee.

traditional method

In the UK more and more people are unhappy with modern food production and are calling for a return to traditional methods of farming.

infallible method

The author of this book claims to have discovered an infallible method for making money. He says that it never fails.

popular method

Frying used to be the most popular method of cooking before people became more health conscious.

reliable method

The pill is generally regarded as the most reliable method of contraception.

unorthodox method

Despite his unorthodox methods, his students achieved excellent exam results.

practical method

The French are generally credited with developing the first practical method of producing photographs.

effective method

Vaccination is the most effective method for preventing some of the worst childhood illnesses – like measles.

method of transport

Travelling by plane is still one of the safest methods of transport.

method of teaching

The methods of teaching include lectures, seminars, and tutorials.

method of earthquakes

Scientists are still struggling to device a reliable method of predicting earthquakes.

method of crowd control

The most commonly used method of crowd control involves the use of tear gas and mounted police.

method of payment

There are several possible methods of payment – credit card being the most popular.

method of pain control

Thank goodness for modern methods of pain control I hate to think what it must have been like to be seriously ill a couple of hundred years age.

method of birth control

It is an effective method of birth control if used with care.

method of reaching agreement

Non-confrontational methods of reaching agreement are always the best.



  • Note the following expressions:

I have no quarrel with his methods. (They are OK.)

I think his methods stink. (I think they are awful.)

  • We use expression ‘there’s method in his madness’ when we mean that although someone is doing something in a strange way, there is a good reason behind it.

I wonder why Malcolm is coming in an hour early every morning? It’s not like him.

>Ah, you obviously don’t know he’s applied for promotion. There’s method in his madness!





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