meeting collocations

meeting collocations


hold meeting

The meeting tonight will be held in the school hall. I thought it was going to be in the community centre.

chair meeting

Who is going to chair the meeting? Until we have an election for the committee, we need a volunteer.

break up meeting

I was told that the meeting would close at 10pm, but it didn’t break up until after midnight.

attend meeting

I couldn’t attend the meeting due to my busy schedule, so I sent my apologies.

postpone meeting

Something urgent has come up. Could we postpone our meeting till tomorrow or will we just have to cancel it?

drag on meeting

I was so bored at yesterday’s meeting. I fell asleep on more than one occasion. The meeting seemed to drag on and on for hours.

public meeting

There will be a public meeting at the town hall tomorrow to discuss the controversial plans to build a supermarket on the school playing fields.

chance meeting

A chance meeting with a publisher on a train led to my career as a writer.

emergency meeting

The Prime Minister called an emergency meeting of the Cabinet as a writer.

private meeting

The two presidents had a private meeting at the airport before they made a statement to the waiting press about the crisis.

important meeting

Missing my flight cost me dear! It meant I missed an extremely important finance meeting.

staff meeting

The headmaster announced his retirement at the lase staff meeting of the academic year.

first meeting

I liked Jean right from our very first meeting.

well-run meeting

Thanks to our excellent chairman, our meetings are very well-run.

arrange a meeting

Could you telephone me to arrange a meeting?

fix a meeting

We need to talk to them about this. I’ll fix a meeting for next week.

pencil a meeting

I’ve penciled a meeting with the director for Friday afternoon. Let me know if you can make it.

set up a meeting

I’ll try to set up a meeting with the lawyer for Friday to get these documents signed.

call a meeting

A few unexpected problems have arisen, so they’ve call an urgent meeting for this evening.


At 2pm the chairman called the meeting to order. As several of us hadn’t met before, we started the meeting by introducing ourselves. Then John Wilson was appointed to take the minutes of the meeting, we then started to work our way through the agenda for the meeting. At 5:30, Angela Thomas excused herself from the meeting and several others said that they had to leave the meeting by six o’clock. As a result, the chairman decided to adjourn the meeting until 10 the next morning.



  • A meeting place is a building or place where people meet regularly:

The café at the corner of Bread Street is a popular meeting place for young people.

  • Meeting also means a game or competition:

This will be the fifth meeting this season between the two clubs.

  • A ‘meeting of minds’ is when people have the same opinions or ideas:

At the peace conference there was a real meeting of minds between the two leaders – at last!


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