limit collocations

limit collocations


set limit

I think we should set a time on limit applications. Shall we say all applications must be received by Friday 13th?

lower limit

At present you have to be 18 in order to vote. A growing number of people want the limit lowered to 16.

exceed limit

The police are warning drivers to keep to the speed limit. There will be tough penalties for those drivers who exceed it.

reached limit

I’ve had enough. I’ve reached the limit of my patience with this child. See if you can get him to eat his food!

impose limit

Parents need to impose limits on the amount of time their children spend on the internet.

test limit

The race is over 50 kilometres of rough countryside, so I think it will certainly test the limits of my ability and endurance.

know limit

I’m nearly 70 and I know my limits. I don’t have the strength to go shopping every day now.

spending limits

The city council maintain that they will need to cut back on some public services in order to meet the latest spending limits set by the government.

speed limit

There are speed cameras all over the place, so make sure you keep to the speed limit while you’re here.

time limit

When you finish the report, just put it in my in-tray. There’s no time limit – but as long as I have it sometime next week, that’ll be fine.

age limit

Recently, there have been calls to reduce the age limit for voting from 18 to 16.

credit limit

At the moment I’ve got a $3,000 credit limit on my Visa card, but I’m thinking og increasing it so that I can buy a second-hand car.

city limit

We live just outside the city limit.


The driver had been drinking all day and when the police stopped him, he was well over the legal limit.

When some pictures come up for auction, it’s obvious that some people are so rich they have no upper limit on what they are prepared to pay.

The company is willing to fund the event, but costs must be kept within reasonable limits.

The level of fluoride in the drinking water was above the prescribed limit set by the authorities.

In order to control inflation the government has set strict limits on public spending this year.

Some species of fish are now in real danger of disappearing. The North Sea has been fished beyond acceptable limits.

I’d pay 5000$ for a Jaguar in that condition, but that would be my absolute limit.

The Russian boats are not allowed to fish inside a five-mile limit.



  • In ‘At present you have to be 18 in order to vote. A growing number of people want the limit lowered to 16.’, ‘reduce’ is also possible.
  • Note the prepositions in these expressions:

You can bring in cigarette up to a limit of 200 per person.

There’s a limit to the amount of pain any human being can bear.

  • Note these expressions using verb + ‘to the limit’:

The medical services were stretched to the limit.

It was a very long race and it pushed me to the limits of my ability.

The sudden influx of Irish football supporters is straining hotels in the town to the limit.

  • The following expressions mean that there is no limit to what can be done:

The sky is the limit for what professional footballers can earn these days.

Zidane’s talent knows no limits. He’s simply the most brilliant player ever.

  • Note this more formal expression:

Overseas companies must still operate within the limits of the law.


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