Transport collocations

Transport collocations


get into/out of a car

He got into the car and drove off towards the motorway.

park a car

I'm afraid we have a problem. I can't remember where I parked the car!

drive a car

Don't ask Dad if you can use his car. He never lets anyone else drive it.

cars crash

Mike crashed his mum's car. He ran into the back of a bus outside the cinema.

cars start

The car wouldn’t start, so we had to take a bus.

cars break down

My car broke down on the way to work, so I was late for an important meeting.

cars skid

The car skidded when I braked suddenly. At least we didn't crash!

hire a car

We usually hire a car when we go on holiday. You can see a lot more that way.

an economical car

The car I have just now is very economical. It does about 20 kilometers to the liter!

a luxury car

The sales of luxury cars like Porsche and Rolls Royce increased sharply last year.

a spacious car

It's a spacious car with lots of room. It seats five adults comfortably.

a reliable car

My new car is certainly more reliable. The last one was never out of the garage!

a sports car

I used to have a really fast open-topped sports car when I was younger, but it's not very practical in the winter!

a car accident

Many of the people badly injured in car accidents weren't wearing seat belts.

your car keys

I've lost my car keys and I can't find them anywhere.

a car alarm

My neighbor’s car alarm went off at 2 am and woke the whole street up!

a car park

We didn't stop to visit the castle because the car park was full!


miss/catch a bus

I missed the last bus and had to walk home.

wait for a bus

I had to wait over an hour for a bus, and then three arrived at the same time!

buses stop

The best bus to get is the 22. I stop right outside the school.

catch a bus

I get the bus to work. I usually catch the express bus to Valencia at 8 am.

get on/off a bus

Please wait until the bus stops before you get off.

the bus leaves (for the airport)

Can you tell me what time the next bus leaves for the city center?

run for a bus

I got up late this morning and had to run for the bus. I just managed to get it.

the bus service

Copenhagen has an excellent bus service. There are regular buses to the city center.

a bus timetable

I'll buy the tickets. You check the bus timetable and find out when the next one leaves.

the bus fare

He says he walked to the interview because he couldn't afford the bus fare.

a bus stop

I stood at the bus stop for over half an hour before a bus came along.


Note these expressions:

  • It's about 20 minutes away by bus. But the bus service is very good.
  • Excuse me, is this the bus to Oxford?
  • I like to sit on the top deck of the bus. You get a better view.



run out of petrol

Unfortunately, we ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere.

runs on petrol

Does your car run on petrol or diesel?

fill up with petrol

We're nearly out of petrol. I'll have to fill up at the next station.

the price of petrol

The price of petrol is going up again.

a tankful of petrol

Do you know how far your car can go on a tankful of petrol?

unleaded petrol

Most modern cars use unleaded petrol.


catch a plane

When I heard my mother was ill, I drove to the airport and caught the first plane home.

fly a plane

I'd love to be able to fly a plane.

board a plane

It was minus 5 degrees when we boarded the plane in Moscow, but it was plus 33 when we stepped off the plane in Singapore!

planes take off / land

My son likes going to the airport to watch the planes take off and land.

planes crash

A plane carrying 120 passengers has crashed into a mountain in the north of the country.

planes are delayed

The plane's been delayed by five hours. It is now expected to arrive at 12 pm.

planes are diverted

Our plane was diverted to Bristol airport because there was heavy fog in Cardiff. We had to finish our journey by coach.


Note these expressions:

  • I'm a little nervous. I've never flown in such a small plane before
  • What time does Pete's plane get in? (arrive)



close an airport

Heavy snow has closed several airports in the south of the country.

build an airport

Our airports are now heavily congested. It's clear that the government needs to build some new airports.

circle an airport

Heathrow was very busy and we had to circle the airport, waiting for a landing slot.

depart from an airport

It's an early morning flight. It departs from Orly Airport at 6 am.

be stranded at the airport

We were stranded at the airport for 48 hours after the air traffic controllers went on strike.

get to the airport

We got to the airport with just 15 minutes to spare.


Note the expression:

  • My parents saw me off at the airport (came with me to say goodbye)

Note these noun + preposition + airport expressions:

  • The hotel is within easy reach of the airport.
  • Just follow the signs for the airport.



miss the train

You'd better hurry or you'll miss the train.

change trains

There are no direct trains to Paris from here. You have to change trains at Lyons.

catch the train

I'm afraid I can't stay much longer. I have a train to catch.

get off a train

Jill! Don't try to get off the train until it has stopped.

get on a train

Nobody got on the train at Chester. The station was completely empty.

trains run late

All our trains are running late because of the snow.

trains travel

Some high-speed trains travel at over 200 kph.

trains depart/leave (on time)

The train to Grantham will leave from platform 3.

express train

Can I catch the express train to Madrid from this station?

the overnight train

Excuse me. When does the overnight train from Hamburg get in? I think it's due in at 6 am.

same train

My next-door neighbor travels on the same train as me to work every day.

quicker by train

I never take the car to work. It's actually quicker by train.

train ticket

I booked the train tickets on the Internet, but we'll have to pick them up at the station.

direct train

Is it a direct train or do we have to change?

earlier / later train

Just to be on the safe side. let's get the earlier train.

train timetable

I'm sure I can download the train timetable.

later train

I think we should get a later train. The No 8515 to Bordeaux leaves at 22:40.


The illustration at the top of this page is of a goods train - one that carries goods not passengers.

Overnight trains with beds are called sleepers:

  • I'm getting the sleeper from London to Inverness tonight.

Note that we call the train 'the sleeper' - not 'the sleeper train'.


drive a taxi

My dad's a teacher, but he drives a taxi at the weekends to make some extra money.

take a taxi (to work)

I'd take a taxi if I were you. It'll be much quicker than the bus.

share a taxi

If the four of us share a taxi, it'll be almost as cheap as going by bus.

jump into a taxi

I jumped into a taxi outside the hotel and told the driver to take me to the airport.

call a taxi

I'll get my secretary to call you a taxi.

wait for a taxi

How long did you have to wait for a taxi?

a taxi ride

It's just a short taxi ride from the airport to my house. It shouldn’t cost much.

a taxi driver

If you want to know anything about a city, just ask a taxi driver!

the taxi fare

How much is the taxi fare to the airport?

a taxi rank

There's a taxi rank outside the station, so you’ll have no problems getting a taxi.


If you hail a taxi; you stand in the street and stop one which is available.


cross by ferry

There isn't a bridge across the river - you have to cross by ferry.

a ferry terminal

When you arrive at the ferry terminal someone will tell you where to park.

cross by ferry

There are regular ferry crossing from Calais to Dover.

ferries link / connect (places, islands)

A daily ferry links the islands to the mainland.

catch/take a ferry

We caught the overnight ferry from Harwich to Rotterdam.

board a ferry

You won't be allowed to board the ferry until about half an hour before it sails.

ferries sail

The ferry won't sail if the weather is bad.


fall off your bike

Unfortunately, I fell off my bike and broke my arm in two places.

get on/off your bike

I couldn't get on my dad's bike. It was too big for me.

ride a bike

My younger brother is learning to ride a bike at the moment.

get off your bike

I have to get off my bike and push it up a steep hill to get to school.

knock somebody off their bike

I nearly had an accident today. Some idiot in a car almost knocked me off my bike!

hire a bike

I always hire a bike when I'm on holiday. It's the best way to get around.

chain your bike to (a gate)

At night I chain my bike to a lamppost so that nobody will steal it.

your bike has a puncture

I had to push my bike home from school today. It had a puncture in the front wheel.

go for a ride on your bike

Neil's not in. He's gone for a ride on his bike.

have a go on someone's bike

Can I have a go on your new bike?

lean your bike against (a wall)

I leaned my bike against the wall before I went into the shop.


drive a lorry

You need a special license to drive a lorry in most countries.

lorries deliver things

Fresh bread and milk are delivered by lorry every morning before the shop opens.

load a lorry

Loading the lorry was hard work. I'm exhausted.

lorries carry things

The lorry in front of us was carrying sheep.

lorries overturn

A lorry carrying coal overturned on the main road yesterday. It blocked the main road for nearly six hours.


Note these expressions:

  • Heavy lorries can't cross the old bridge. They have to use the tunnel.
  • The road was closed after the Q lorry shed its load. (dropped what it was carrying)
  • A lorry ran into the back of me at the traffic lights. (hit my car at the back)

I was sixteen before I learned to ride a bike.

Don't get off the bus while it is moving.

Quite a few people got off at the station but no one boarded the train.

Let me know when you're leaving and I'll call you a taxi.

There's a taxi rank just outs id e the hotel.

I can't use my bike. It's got a puncture.

There's no bridge or air link to the island, so you'll have to cross by ferry.

There's a bus stop just outside my house.

There’s no direct rail link. You'll have to change trains at Oxford.

Has anyone seen my car keys?

It took us nearly an hour to unload the crates of milk from the lorry.

This is the first time I've flown in such a huge plane.

I saved money by sharing a taxi from the airport with two other tourists.

The waiting room at the railway station was very crowded.

I think he's gone out for a ride on his bike.

The island can only be reached by ferry.

I had to brake suddenly when a bus pulled out in front of me.

A heavy lorry ran into the back of the bus.

Their plane lands at Heathrow in about half an hour.

I waited nearly an hour before a taxi came along.

Her train's due in at 2:30 this afternoon.

I can drop you at the station on my way to work.

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