House collocations

House collocations


  • Shall we use the stairs or take the lift?
  • I wish the children would stop running up and down the stairs.
  • Unfortunately, I fell down the stairs and broke my arm.
  • My grandmother finds it difficult to climb the stairs these days. She's 80.
  • The lift was broken, so we had to walk up four flights of stairs.
  • I was out of breath when I reached the top of the stairs.
  • She picked up the child and carried him up the stairs.
  • My bags were heavy, so I left them at the bottom of the stairs.


  • Brian promised that he would tidy his room, but he left it in a mess as usual.
  • I used to share a room with my sister when I was young.
  • My aunt has a very large house. She lets out one of the rooms to a student.
  • If Anne decides to stay the night, she can sleep in the spare room.
  • My sister's room is always tidy but mine is always in a mess.
  • I'd like to book a double room with a balcony and a sea view, please.
  • At the party the sitting room was so crowded, there was nowhere to sit.
  • We'll need to find someone with a key. The room's locked .
  • The kitchen is a very bright room. It gets the sun most of the day.
  • I could clearly hear the television in the next room.
  • The seats in the waiting room were hard and very uncomfortable.


  • She picked up a brush and swept the floor.
  • Keep out of the kitchen for fifteen minutes. I've just finished mopping the floor.
  • We covered the floor with newspapers before we started painting the ceiling.
  • I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floor clean.
  • The bank robbers ordered everybody to lie on the floor.
  • Do you have a cloth? I've just spilt some tea on the floor.
  • We took the books down from the shelf and piled them on the floor.
  • There weren't enough beds, so some people had to sleep on the floor.
  • Be careful you don't slip on the wet floor. I've just mopped it.


  • They're coming this morning to lay the new carpet in the living room.
  • I ruined the carpet in the living room when I dropped a tin of paint on it.
  • The bedroom carpet is starting to wear in places. We'll need to replace it soon.
  • Colin, if I clear up all the rubbish, would you hoover the carpets?


  • I've decided to paint the walls of my bedroom pink.
  • The house is surrounded by a very high brick wall.
  • Before you start, you'll need to drill some holes in the wall.
  • We can hear our neighbour's television through the thin walls of our flat.
  • I pushed the bookcase back against the living room wall.
  • The outside walls of traditional Greek houses are usually painted white.
  • Posters of football stars covered the walls of our son's bedroom.
  • We hung some pictures of wild animals on the living room walls.


  • The ceiling was so low I could touch it without standing on a chair.
  • The hotel rooms were pleasantly cool with large windows and high ceilings.
  • I didn't get up. I just lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling.
  • It was a bare room with only a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling.


  • Close the door quietly behind you when you leave. Try not to Shut it.
  • I always knock on my son's bedroom door before going into his room.
  • The firemen had to break down the front door of the flat to get in.
  • Remember to lock the front door before you go to bed.
  • The burglars entered by the back door.
  • There's someone at the door. Could you see who it is?
  • This door leads to the dining room,and the other one opens onto the balcony.
  • He was standing outside the door of the bank, waiting for it to open.
  • Can you hold the door open for me while I bring this chair in?


  • I switched on the light by my bed and read for about an hour.
  • Don't forget to switch the lights off when you go out.
  • The street lights come on at about 7 0'clock at this time of year.
  • You left the light on in the bathroom all night again!
  • He must be in.The light in his room is still on.
  • It was so dark that I couldn't find the light switch.
  • I had to stand on a chair to change the light bulb.


  • I was locked out of the house, so I had to break a window to get in.
  • I hate cleaning the windows. I always pay somebody to do them for me.
  • It's quite hot in here. Do you mind if I open a window?
  • The windows in the kitchen always steam up when I'm cooking. It's impossible to see through them.
  • We have a lovely view of the mountains from our bedroom window.
  • As I was passing the shop I saw my reflection in the window. I looked old!
  • The early morning sun was shining through the kitchen window.
  • I looked through all the windows of the house,but there was nobody at home.


  • We're getting central heating installed next week, We're having two radiators in the living room, and one in each of the other rooms.
  • The heating broke down two days ago. We're still waiting for an engineer to come and repair it.
  • What kind of heating does your flat have? Mine Only has electric fires.
  • It won't take long for the room to warm up once we turn the heating on.
  • The heating is set to come on at 6am and go off around 12 noon.
  • We usually turn off our heating during the summer months.

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