violence collocations

violence collocations


resort to violence

If they have to, the group are prepared to resort to violence to get what they want.

strip up violence

The leader of the gang was accused of using racist language to stir up hatred and violence.

condemn violence

The President condemned the violence and appealed to the rioters to refrain from further violence.

condone violence

As a pacifist. I deplore all violence. I can’t condone violence in any shape or form.

threaten violence

When I was threatened with violence, I handed over my passport and credit cards.

contain violence

Violence flared up again last night in many areas. Police in riot gear struggled to contain the violence.

excessive violence

The police deny that they used excessive violence while arresting the accused.

domestic violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a regular occurrence in some families.

racial violence

A group of white youths were accused of instigating racial violence by taunting the two Asian boys.

widespread violence

The high tax on food led to widespread violence throughout the country.

gratuitous violence

There’s too much gratuitous violence on TV. Most of it is totally unnecessary.

mindless violence

Police said that horrific attack on the old woman was an act of mindless violence.

endemic violence

In parts of India the communal violence seems to be endemic. It’s gone on for generations.

sectarian violence

Northern Ireland has seen less sectarian violence in recent years.

drug-related violence

In most big cities most violence is drug-related.

victims of violence

It is a fact that women are still the main victims of domestic violence.

use of violence

Our group believes in political change, but it does not advocate the use of violence.

outbreak of violence

In India, fifty people were reported killed today in a fresh outbreak of inter-racial violence.

scenes of violence

There were unprecedented scenes violence in the city’s main square as rival football fans clashed.

upsurge of violence

There’s been an upsurge of violence in the city recently, and this sudden rise is being linked to increased unemployment.

history of violence

He has a long history violence and is considered to be a danger to society.


Among psychologists, there is growing concern about violence on television.

They have called for an end to violence and a return to peace.

Security at benefit officers is being stepped up to deal with the recent increase in violence.

There are hopes that the conflict can be resolved without resort to violence.



  • Note the following expressions with prepositions:

Violence against women.

Violence within the family.

Violence between different ethnic groups.

  • Violence in a community or among a large group of people ‘erupts’ – like a volcano:

Widespread violence has erupted since the government was overthrown by the rebels.

  •  An outbreak of violence can be ‘quelled’ (ended).

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