Writing Correction Service

As you know, writing for the IELTS, especially the essay for Task 2, can be difficult. Most students struggle because they don’t have any reliable feedback and corrections for their work. Add to this an unfamiliarity with the criteria and structure the examiners are looking for and you are heading for a low score without proper help and guidance.

In our Writing Correction Service Kevin A Dean will correct your mistakes, suggest alternative phrasings, check your vocabulary and make recommendations for an appropriate structure for your work, all of which should push your score to Band 7.0 and above.

Our Writing Correction Service also includes Essay Video Correction, which is for those people who perhaps don’t have time for a lesson, or who just want some corrections and a commentary and scoring. It is naturally, less expensive than a lesson. How this works is Kevin opens the essay in Word and makes a screencast recording of him reading your essay, and making corrections and comments according to the criteria, just as the examiner would. Kevin can show you exactly what your mistakes are, and you can play the video anytime you need to remind yourself what you need to do to improve.

During yor writing correction order, you will find these items; click to see what they mean:

Your writings are scored based on respective writing task criteria. For example, IELTS task 2 writing criteria are Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource and Grammatical Range and Accuracy. Detailed interpretation is provided. All grammar and vocabulary mistakes and misspellings in your writings will be corrected (with Word Track Changes Enabled).
In this service, you receive a feedback through a video recording. The video duration depends on how much work your written product needs, usually between 5 to 15 minutes or even more.
As the name indicates, you can also request a sample answer particularly written to your topic. The answer is provided by Kevin Anthony Dean, the IELTS Trainer in iELTS9PRO from the UK, at a band 9 level.